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I bought a Sporty’s course but it is locked or missing

If you are accessing the Sporty’s Pilot Training course and one or more of the courses you expect to be available are locked or missing, try the following steps. First verify that you are actually logged in. On occasion, a login will timeout or an un

How To Use the FIRC ACR Paperless Renewal Service

For your convenience, Sporty’s is pleased to offer paperless Airmen Certification Representative (ACR) renewal service to process your CFI renewal and issue a temporary CFI certificate. Traditionally a flight instructor would take the graduation cert

How To Use Test Prep Study Modes In Sporty’s Pilot Training Courses

Sporty’s recommends a very specific path for successfully studying for the FAA written exam. We provide a quick reference at the top of the Test Prep module with a list of key items to follow. You can read a more detailed description of the process i

How To Download Training Content For Offline Use

Sporty's is proud to offer all our pilot training courses on just about any modern platform available. This includes web browsers for any Mac or Windows PC. We also offer dedicated versions of Pilot Training Mobile for Android phone and tablets, Appl

How to request a written test endorsement using Sporty's Pilot Training Course

When you complete the Sporty's Learn To Fly, Instrument Rating or Commercial Pilot course, we’ll give you the flight instructor endorsement to take the written test—instantly! You can take this endorsement to the FAA testing center, and log it in you

How To Use SmartNotes in Sporty's Pilot Training Course

Sporty's SmartNotes is an excellent tool to keep all your study notes organized in an easy-to-use, richly formatted, and a universally accessible tool. The Smart Notes feature allows you to jot your thoughts, ideas on questions down from any location

How to reset my Sporty's course video progress

In order for Sporty’s Pilot Training courses to provide an instant written test endorsement, course training progress must be tracked, but a user may request to reset the progress back to zero. Remember: you must log out of every device before attemp

How To Send Endorsements To ForeFlight Logbook

In order for a student pilot to take the FAA written exam, they must present a written endorsement from a qualified instructor to the testing proctor. Traditionally this is a handwritten signature in the students paper logbook. The may also present a

Learn to Fly Course User Guide

Welcome to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, your complete training companion for the Private, Recreational and Sport pilot certificate. This comprehensive training course is designed to prepare you for your flight training as well as the FAA written, or