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How To Use Test Prep Study Modes In Sporty’s Pilot Training CoursesUpdated 3 months ago

Read The Instructions

Sporty’s recommends a very specific path for successfully studying for the FAA written exam. We provide a quick reference at the top of the Test Prep module with a list of key items to follow. You can read a more detailed description of the process in the Getting Started Guide.

This path recommends that a student completes several self study sessions before attempting to pass a practice test. 9-out-of-10 requests for a failure retest endorsement, we find the student has completed zero self study sessions and have only completed a handful of Practice Tests. Remember there are only 60 questions on the practice test. Even if you pass 10 practice tests, you would only be exposed to a maximum of 600 questions (assuming no duplicates) which is only half of the potential 1025 that are contained in the pool. 

Seven Self-Graded Session Types with Two Modes

When a student elects to start a new study session, they are presented with six options. Each option is followed by a basic description. All study session types are auto-graded and instantly provides feedback on correct and incorrect answers, including detailed explanations and references.

Specific Categories

This option is the only method to ensure that every potential question is reviewed by a student. We recommend a student systematically works through each category. When selecting a category, previous session performance will also be displayed to alert a student of any weak areas that might need additional study.

Random Questions

This mode allows a student to create a new selection of random questions from the entire database. Use the slider to choose between 5 and 200 questions.

Smart Study

The Smart Study session type uses a proprietary algorithm to present students with questions from their weakest performing categories. This option is disabled until incorrect questions have been graded on previous sessions. The algorithm cannot calculate weak areas until the student has missed some questions first. Smart Study generates a study session with a variety of mixed questions and random questions from the weakest categories. A student may see questions they’ve answered correctly if that question happens to be in a category that has poor performance.

Marked Questions

This session will load any question marked by the student manually in a previously graded or saved practice test or study session. The student will be presented with a slider and can choose between 5 and 200 questions. The slider will only go to the max number of marked questions available. This session type will be disabled if there have been no questions yet marked. 

A question can be marked and unmarked in any session type by selecting the Mark/Unmark button below the questions, or by selecting the windsock icon in the list of questions in the sidebar on the right.

To remove all marked questions, load a new Marked Question session with the max available questions, unmark each question, then save or grade that session. 

Incorrect Questions

The Incorrect Questions session type may seem self-explanatory, but it's most often misunderstood by students. This option creates a session of questions you've never answered correctly. The key word is “never.” If the same question has ever been answered correctly on any previous or subsequent session, it will never again be available in the Incorrect Questions study session type. Questions that have never been answered will not be used in this session.

The student will be presented with a slider and can choose between 5 and 200 questions. The slider will only go to the max number of incorrect questions available. This session type will be disabled if there have been zero questions that have never been answered correctly.

Remember: If a question is answered correctly even once, it is no longer available for Incorrect Questions session type. As an example, in the following study history, even though the entire “Flight Operations” category was answered incorrectly in the last session, these questions will not be available in the Incorrect Questions option since they were all answered correctly in a previous session.

Question I've Never Seen

Use this mode to round out your final study before taking the FAA written exam. This mode allows you to review and study questions that you have never answered on any previous session. This mode will help expose you to every possible question in the study database so there will be no surprises on the actual exam.

Question Search allows a student to create a custom session based off desired keywords. This can be helpful for locating a specific question for additional study. After entering a term in the search field, select the plus(+) button next to each question you would like to add to the session. Delete and re-enter a new search term to include additional questions to the same session.

Two Question Modes

Before one of the six session types can be initiated, the student must select which mode they would like the questions to be presented. Question Mode is selected by default but can be switched to Flashcard Mode.

Question Mode

Question mode will create a traditional multiple choice auto-graded study session. Each question will appear with three answer choices available. Once an answer is selected, instant feedback will be displayed with the correct answer and explanations. The student may change their answer at any time.

Flashcard Mode

For users that only wish to be exposed to the question and correct answer, they may prefer to select Flashcard Mode. Only the question will be display with the correct answer shown with a click to flip the card. The question can be optionally marked as correct or incorrect.

New Session From Previous Session

One additional option is for a student to load a new study session based of the results of a previously graded session. This might be helpful to review missed questions from a previous practice test or study session.

Under “Study History” the student can expand the desired session by selecting the “Plus(+)” button. Select one of the four study options below the session performance report to launch a new session.

When you create a new note while viewing a test prep question, a link will automatically be added for that specific question. Click here to learn more about Smart Notes. You can return to that question at anytime for review. That direct question link is available to share with anyone with access to the Sporty's course including your flight instructor.  

This single-question view will always display in the learning mode format with the correct answer highlighted. This view will also show the answer explanations and references. Questions in this view can also be marked to be included in subsequent "Marked Questions" study sessions.

Take A Practice Test

Only after you have completed a study session for every question category should you begin a practice test session. Be sure you have been exposed to every available question at least once. Mark any question you missed or don't understand to review later. After successfully scoring an 80% or higher on two practice tests, you may requestion or written test endorsement.

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