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How to get free access to Sporty's Flight Instructor Portal

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course isn’t just for independent studying; a comprehensive CFI portal connects instructors with their students’ at-home study sessions, making the flight training process more organized and efficient. This suite of tools includ

How To Use Sporty's Free Electronic Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC)

Sporty’s is pleased to offer its online eFIRC free as a convenient, effective, online renewal option. This FIRC, updated and expanded for 2023, satisfies the requirements to renew your CFI and will vastly improve your teaching skills. Sporty’s eFIRC

How to make student - instructor connections with Sporty's Pilot Training course

Sporty’s Pilot Training course offers a variety of free tools to flight instructors (CFI) and allows instant progress tracking of both the students' video training and practice test prep sessions. Flight instructors can sign up for free at

How instructors can interact with student's progress

Once you've been granted access to the Sporty's CFI Portal and successfully connected with a student, you may begin organize and view specific details about each student's training progress. After logging into the CFI portal and selecting "Students"

How to earn a $25 gift card every time your student buys a Sporty's course

There is no charge to enroll in this program and there are no strings attached!. Head over to to complete and submit the request form to enroll in the CFI rebate program. Once your request is approved you'll receive a specific r