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How to request a written test endorsement using Sporty's Pilot Training CourseUpdated a year ago

When you complete the Sporty's Learn To Fly, Instrument Rating or Commercial Pilot course, we’ll give you the flight instructor endorsement to take the written test—instantly! You can take this endorsement to the FAA testing center, and log it in your ForeFlight logbook. It's complete preparation for the FAA Knowledge Test.

Earning your knowledge test endorsement

Video Training

Before requesting a course completion certificate containing the written test endorsement, you must first satisfy the required training content. Required training for the Learn To Fly and Instrument rating courses first includes viewing all the video segments until the progress bar reaches 100%. Videos for the Commercial Pilot course are completely optional, though the progress will still be tracked.

You can find the video progress status on the left side menu for the online course in a web browser and at the top progress header in the mobile apps. If you feel the progress is stuck below 100%, go back and verify you have completed every video training section. Also check you have the most current version of the app. We are constantly creating new training content and your app may require an update.

Test Prep

The next phase required to earn the written test endorsement is to pass two practice tests with a score of 80% or higher. You may take as many practice tests as you like and there is no penalty for low scores. The top two scores will be displayed in the "Progress" section on the left side menu or in the progress header in the mobile apps.

But don't just jump right into taking practice tests. Follow our guide for best study methods to ace the FAA written exam.

Request the completion certificate
Once the required completion milestones have been met, the "Request Endorsement" button will activate. Click the button and fill out the form in its entirety; note that the name you enter here must match exactly that of the photo ID you will present the written test proctor. This includes your middle name if also included when you created a Flight Training Number (FTN) using the IACRA system.

Once the form is submitted, the completion certificate will be available to download immediately. A copy of the certificate will also be sent via email. You may return at any time and re-download the certificate.

You may present this form printed or digitally upon arriving at the testing facility. If you need a name change, please contact [email protected] with the exact name you require on the certificate and we will typically respond within one business day.

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