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How instructors can interact with student's progressUpdated a year ago

Once you've been granted access to the Sporty's CFI Portal and successfully connected with a student, you may begin organize and view specific details about each student's training progress.

Get the big picture

After logging into the CFI portal and selecting "Students" from the left menu, you'll be presented with a complete list off all student connections you have made under the "All Students" tab. If you have a long list of students, it may be helpful to filter students by particular parameters, such as "Not Passed First Practice Test." You may also simply search for a specific name. 

Each student card gives a general overview of their most active course and will display if they have been assigned to a specific classroom. The percentage graph denotes video training completion status and the badges will illuminate once certain milestones have been achieved. Hover over each badge to get a brief description of the milestone.

This general overview can give you a big picture of what students may need additional attention and which students are advancing.

Going deeper

Click a student's card to open more specific progress details. Select the dropdown to switch to the desired course. You'll initially be presented with the student's video progress including total times watching video. Video progress is further broken down into Chapters with each section specifically checked. 

Next, select the "Study Sessions" tab to see exact information on the student's practice test sessions. The badges at the top will indicate how many of the two required practice tests the student has passed. Below will be a list of each practice test. Expand the session by clicking the "plus" button to see a general breakdown of category performance.

Selecting the "Review Session" button will display every question and answers from the session including the correct answer as well as the student's selected answer. Instructors can filter questions by All, Incorrect, or Correct as well as selecting only questions the student has marked. Encourage your students to "Mark" questions they struggle with. You may also search for a question using a specific keyword. This may be helpful is a student can only remember a term from a question they missed.

The last option for student progress is the "Stats/Endorsement" tab. Total time in the course can be viewed here as well as a preview of the written test endorsement if one has been requested. You may also download a PDF copy of the certificate if desired.

Get organized

If you have multiple students you'll want to consider setting up classroom to organize those students into different groups. This could be helpful to separate students by certificate or rating or by fall/spring semester. To begin, select the "Classrooms" tab from the main students view and tap the "New Class +" button. Give the classroom a name and select which Sporty's Pilot Training Course for the classroom type.

Once a class is created, the name and type can be changed or deleted at anytime by selecting the "pencil" edit icon next to the classroom name. 

Click the classroom card to add students. Students can be added to multiple classrooms. Click the "Add/Edit Students +" button. Select as few or as many students as you would like to add to the class. If the student list is very long, use the search field to find a specific student. Click "Save" to add the students to the class. 

The Classroom view will now update to the familiar list of Student cards but now only displaying the specific students for that classroom. Click on a student card to drill down deeper into their progress. Return to the classroom list to create more classrooms or to switch to a different class.

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