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How to get free access to Sporty's Flight Instructor PortalUpdated a year ago

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course isn’t just for independent studying; a comprehensive CFI portal connects instructors with their students’ at-home study sessions, making the flight training process more organized and efficient. This suite of tools includes lesson plans, a flight instructor refresher course, a complete FAA library, special CFI offers, and access to Sporty’s award-winning pilot training courses. Best of all, every feature is available free to any active flight instructor. 

The CFI portal and student progress sharing are only available through a web browser.

Sign Up

The first step to get started is to navigate to and bookmark This is the portal to all the free resources as well as access to your student progress. If you already have a Sporty’s account, login using your email address and password. Otherwise follow the prompts to create a free account and login.

When creating a new account, now is the perfect time to also enter the optional CFI credentials. These credentials are labeled as optional but are required to access some features of the CFI portal. Enter your certificate number and the date that your CFI certificate expires.

If you already have a Sporty’s account but have not entered your CFI credentials, click “Complete Profile” in the top left.

Once complete, you may want to learn how to make student - instructor connections with Sporty's Pilot Training course.

FAA Opt-In

If you have not previously allowed your mailing address to be released to the public with the FAA, or you still have a temporary airman's certificate, Sporty's cannot automatically verify your CFI status. Due to a technically limitation in the FAA system, this also limits the information Sporty's Online Course can access regarding flight instructor certificate numbers and expiration dates. You may be contacted by Sporty's customer service to verify your instructor credentials in order to maintain access to the CFI Portal.


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