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How to earn a $25 gift card every time your student buys a Sporty's courseUpdated a year ago

Sporty’s Pilot Shop was founded by a flight instructor over 60 years ago, and ever since we’ve worked hard to support student pilots and CFIs. Now, we want to give instructors the chance to earn free pilot supplies. Simply sign up for our rebate program, and every time one of your students buys a Sporty’s video course, you’ll earn a $25 gift card. These gift cards do not expire, and they can be used online, in store or over the phone.

There is no charge to enroll in this program and there are no strings attached!


Head over to to complete and submit the request form to enroll in the CFI rebate program. Once your request is approved you'll receive a specific referral code, ie: FLT106XZZ


Be sure to give your referral code to every student. They must input the referral code during checkout for you to qualify for the gift card. The rebate is only valid for students who purchase the Sporty's Learn To Fly, Instrument Rating, or Commercial pilot courses at Students can enter your referral code in the "Media Code" option in the checkout process.


Rebates are issued monthly in the form a $25 Sporty's Email gift card. The eCards can be redeemed right away, online or over the phone. When you arrive at payment method in the checkout process choose "Gift Cards", enter the gift card number in the box provided and click "Activate".

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