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I bought a Sporty’s course but it is locked or missingUpdated a year ago

If you are accessing the Sporty’s Pilot Training course and one or more of the courses you expect to be available are locked or missing, try the following steps.

First verify that you are actually logged in. On occasion, a login will timeout or an unexpected network disconnect may cause the user to become logged out. If using the online course, clearing the browser cache or using a private window may help clear this issue. If on a mobile or TV platform, logging out and back in will reestablish a connection.

Next, double check that you have logged in with the correct account. Some customers may have multiple Sporty’s accounts. The browser may have autofilled the incorrect details or you may have inadvertently used the wrong email address. It may be helpful to view your Order History and verify a course purchase has been associated with your Sporty’s account.

If you’ve previously bought a standalone course from the Apple App store or the Google play store, we have since consolidated all our courses into one centralized app called Sporty's Pilot Training.


If your original purchase was via an in-app purchase with the Apple App store or Google play store, please send proof of purchase to [email protected] and we will manually grant you access to the course. 

Include in the message the email address associated with your Sporty’s account. Click here for the instructions to locate a previous purchase from the Apple App Store. Click here to see your order history from the Google Play Store. 

If all of the above still fails or you believe there is a mistake with your account, please contact [email protected] with a brief description of your problem and we respond within one business day.

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